Joanne Walsh has been a shareholder in WorleyParsons Limited (“WorleyParsons”) since 7 August 2013 when she purchased 453 shares at $22.03 per share for a total outlay of $9,980.

Joanne Walsh commenced a group proceeding pursuant to Part 4A of the Supreme Court Act 1986 (Vic.) against WorleyParsons on 8 September 2014. The case was commenced by Joanne Walsh on her own behalf and on behalf of all persons who purchased ordinary shares in WorleyParsons on or after 1 August 2013 and held any of those shares at the commencement of trading in WorleyParsons shares on ASX on 20 November 2013.

In summary, the case concerns the alleged failure by WorleyParsons to fully and properly disclose to ASX in a timely manner that it would have significantly reduced earnings for FY14, reduced professional services revenue and be required to implement a rigorous cost reduction program across the entire group which would include significant restructure costs. The alleged breaches of ASX and Corporations Act disclosure requirements by WorleyParsons in that regard are alleged to have resulted in loss and damage being suffered by members of the class. The members of the class may be entitled to recover their loss and damage from WorleyParsons.

This page provides up to date information for class members to read and consider.